Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We thought it died

Tuesday August 17, 2010

My son purchased a new game for the Play Station III the other day, and yesterday he played it after cutting the grass for too many hours that the sound stopped on the system.  As I said before, my husband is wonderful and is a true geek, but he is also meticulous about electronics.  So when at 1am when Trevor told my husband that the sound was no longer present, let's just say, Jeff was not pleased.  Luckily he never yells which is the first thing that I would do instead he gets quiet and tries to fix it.  This morning I took Amanda to register for her senior year and was happy when I came home to find out that the PS III was back in working order.  So after putting away his laundry, Trevor was ready to play some more.  Now you can see why I made him the card I did for finishing the school year.  Today I made him dig it up in his room because I thought it was appropriate to place it here.  The PS III is still alive.

Stamp:  Mo Manning Digital video boy
Cardstock:  Bazzil
Patterned paper:  My Minds Eye
Markers: Copic

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