Sunday, August 4, 2019

OMG it happened again!

Michelle Lancaster that is you!!!
So please send me your address so I can mail this out to you.
The "Lion King" movie was great! My son wasn't able to come, but my daughter and her boyfriend did and we had a great weekend.

That's how I feel about my  I had to repeat my sinus surgery and now my birthday has come around again.  Luckily, I feel like I can breathe better with the surgery and will be seeing the surgeon later on great birthday present, hehe. To have a scope shoved up my nose. Actually then I'm going to drive to spend the rest of the day with my children and parents who live about 100 miles away from me. Then we are traveling for a family funeral for the weekend. My kids are planning to come spend the weekend with me next week so we can go see Lion King which I am excited to see since they used to watch the animated movie when they were children, especially my daughter. I'm just blessed to be spending time with them and to have so many wonderful friends that I have on my blog. So.......after my long story. I am posting some birthday blog candy. So just leave me a comment and the kids and I will chose a winner next weekend.  So you have until midnight on Sunday August 4, 2019 central time.  Thanks and many hugs.  Lisa     7/25/19


Margreet said...

Happy Birthday again, Lisa.
Glad to read that the sinus surgery is better this time.
Wow, you've got to travel a lot to visit your parents and children. We live 5 minutes by car from my mother and 15 minutes away from my daughter.
Hope the funeral will not be too sad.
We will go see the Lion King with Femke and Paul too. I'm looking forward to it.
Hope you will have a good time.
Love and hugs from your 'Dutch sister'.
xxx Margreet

Lisa said...

Happy, happy birthday!! I hope your day is filled with much love and happiness!! I'm so glad you can breathe better and that the surgery worked this time!! Travel safely and I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your family!! Enjoy the Lion King, too!! Have a great birthday!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

aussie aNNie said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, take time out and relax and enjoy

Chris said...

Well Lisa, I do hope you have a happy day, can't say as I'd choose to spend my birthday having implements shoved up my nose or driving 100 miles but at least then you get to see your family which is a very happy ending. I'm pleased you think the op was more successful this time around which is another happy result! Enjoy the time with your family, hope you get spoilt rotten.

Lola said...

Wow, it sounds like such a whirlwind of things going on! I do hope the sinus procedure takes this time. I too have such issues with asthma and allergies and I can totally relate. Also have fun at the movies! I'm hoping to take my girls soon.

Angela P. said...

Wow, girl, you have a lot on your plate! I'm praying your medical issues work themselves out. Funny. my mom and I were just talking about the Lion King today; I took my friends daughter, who wasn't even 2 yet, to the original and we had such a fun day! Happy Birthday to you! Great Blog Candy too!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Lisa Lynn and Im glad the sinus surgery has left you breathing better. Thanks for the chance to win some lovely prizes - Michelle x

Shelly Schmidt said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! I can think of better ideas for a birthday that seeing the doc and having a tube inserted up my sinus'

LOL, hope you have safe travels and a fab weekend. I did see the Lion King already, hard to beklieve it has been so many years since the original came out!!!

Feel better ASAP!

Daffodil Cards said...

Hope the scope went well? and your drive and family meet up was a happy day. I was only saying this morning we should go to see Lion King. I expect by the time we go, it will be on the TV LOL. Have a great and wonderful day.
Faith x

crafty-stamper said...

Happy birthday Lisa and glad the sinus surgery went well-enjoy your family time-great blog candy but no need to include me in the draw though Lisa
carol x

White Rose said...

Hi Lisa Lynn happy birthday sounds like it will be a lot of fun seeing the lion king with family,I am also your newest follower so I hope you will visit and follow me too.
Hope your surgery has worked this time ,hope you also have a lovely day xx

Fikreta said...

Oh I hope your sinus will be better.
Wish you a very happy birthday!
hope all your wishes will come true.
hve a wonderful time with your family!

MiamiKel said...

Aww, happy birthday to you! It sounds like you and your kids are going to have having a wonderful time - The Lion King is one of our favorites. We were lucky to see the stage production - riveting! Happy day = all week!

Dawn Frost said...

Hi Lisa Lynn Happy Birthday! I love watching movies with my kids too, one of my favourite things to do!