Thursday, May 3, 2012

New look

Well Google changed everything the other day, actually the other week and I am still trying to get the feel of it.  It is terrible that I get so accustomed to doing things a certain way that change is very difficult.  Posting has been taking quite a long time, and then if I need to do an edit or change a spelling "Oh my, "  finding where to go seems like mission impossible.  My wonderful husband helped me set up my blog which will be almost two years now.  So since I have been playing with lots of buttons and touching things I shouldn't, I decided to change the look of my site since I actually figured out how to do that with all the messing around that I was doing.  I no longer have the boring grass that my husband set up for me and instead I have a picture of some of my favorite things.....some Prima flowers, ribbon, lace and buttons as well as my cutting board which I could not live without.  My craft area is NOT one of those neat and tidy areas that I can show a picture of because I work among A LOT of clutter.  Then I clean it up which lasts for about a week until I get into more projects.  I have scraps of paper everywhere.  The sad part is that I can find things in my mess and piles; it is just that it is not safe for my family to visit me.  Well enough said.  Hope you like the new look.

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