Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Money tree

Now, I know a lot of you have -ex husbands, but I have not been able to get along with mine after MANY attempts so I have given up.  He left me because he had an affair so I moved on.  I made a wonderful friend out of the experience by becoming best friends with her -ex and then we had a relationship and that was my husband.  Then our -exes become upset and said we couldn't be together and act as if we cheated on them.  Unfortunately, my husband never made up with his -ex before he died so she was surprised that there were no photographs of her at my husband's funeral.  Now, my 21 year old daughter had some dental work done on winter break and she is now for the last four years on her Dad's insurance whereas, the previous 10 years was on mine.  My -ex called me on Saturday and my daughter was with me, both of us are grieving my husband's death, needless to say, I've also had a few funeral expenses and Amanda's Dad is insisting that I pay the $77 that is owed on her dental work because he now pays her health premium and deductible.  I didn't work much last year because I took care of my husband, I went back to work in October because of a great job opportunity.  My -ex is an Administrator at a hospital so he doesn't lack funds.  It just threw me over the top and I said some things that I haven't said in a few years since the divorce.  I also now made him a card thanking him for leaving since it will be 14 years this next week using an image from Doodle Pantry.  I hate to complain about my life because I feel blessed in so many ways, but this help me vent my frustration toward a man that drives me nuts and that I am glad I am no longer with.  I feel wealthy because I have my children, and my daughter only visits him out of obligation.  This is when I truly miss my husband because he was a great Dad to my kids.

Cardstock:  DCWV; Bazzil; Recollections
Stamp:  Doodle Pantry - Cool Cash
Spellbinders:  Small and large circles
Ribbon:  Michael's

Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge - Sketch 214
Doodle Pantry - Ch. 45
Brown Sugar - Ch. 88 CAS
Cupcake Inspirations - Ch. 255 Monochromatic


KT Fit Kitty said...

So sorry you are going through this, just after losing your husband. My heart goes out to you. I am sending you big hugs and hope things start going a lot better for you. It does sound like you have a lot of blessings in your life as well, so that helps to counter these petty people who try to make others miserable. I really like your card and it speaks volumes!


Joanna said...

Sorry to hear about your husband LIsa Lynn. It is never easy losing a loved one. Hang in there. Love the image that you chose.

Ann Abrahamson said...

I've been there too. All you can do is choose to be happy and take things a day at a time. And...continue to make cards, of course! Perfect image choice. Thanks for playing along with us at the Doodle Pantry Challenge!

Penny said...

Wow, you made just the perfect card for him! And I sympathize with your anger--some of it I would imagine is from the grief of losing your hubby. But you are getting it out in such a healthy way--congrats on that!!! Stay strong, Lisa!
Sending big hugs, Penny

Nance E Salkeld said...

So sorry you've had such a horrible time with your ex-husband and then losing your 2nd husband too. Prayers go out to you! I think this card is a hoot to send your ex. I'd super glue a penny in it upside down just for spite (upside down pennies are suppose to be bad luck)! lol Thanks for playing with us at Cupcake Inspirations this week!

Indy said...

What a fun card! So glad you shared at Cupcake Inspirations!
Hugs, Debbie!

Ellen said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of hugs your way! I just love your card! I'm so happy you joined us for the Doodle Pantry challenge! I hope you will join us again soon.

Debbie said...

This is a cute card though sorry it's for a sad situation!
Thanks for sharing with us at DPDC45!!

Karen said...

Lovely card, thanks for sharing it with us in the brown sugar challenge